Board of Directors

Michel Sallin

Chairman of the Board

Michel, as the Chairman of the Board and Co-founder of IMG Enterprises, combines his rich agricultural heritage with advanced business expertise. As a visionary leader, Michel profoundly shaped the company during his 40-plus years as CEO, embedding resilience into the business and inspiring many.

Chloe Gentry

Chloe is a Co-CEO at IMG Enterprises. Her expertise includes sales, marketing, organizational development, and human resources. Her leadership is marked by a proactive approach to embracing challenges, leading by example, and a steadfast commitment to workplace culture.

Chuck Allison

Chuck is a Board Member at IMG Enterprises. His background lies in agricultural investments and is now the Owner of Wild Goose Farms which has operations in both Florida and California in cattle, hay, blueberries, containerized trees, avocados, citrus, and pistachios.

Melanie Ressler

Melanie is a Co-CEO at IMG Enterprises. Her expertise lies in finance, accounting, and risk management. Additionally, Melanie offers vital support to the sales and operations leadership teams at IMG Citrus, demonstrating her versatile skill set and commitment to the company's success.

Board of Directors