Why We Do It

Why We Do It

At IMG Enterprises, people are the core of both our organization and culture. We firmly believe our company has the ability to grow and thrive due to the quality of our employees and the strength of our practices. With a healthy mind, body, and spirit, employees have the capacity to contribute to their full potential. To promote our company culture at Cherrylake and IMG Citrus, we regularly return to our “why words”, our companies’ purpose and commitment, in order to further embrace the meaning of our brands. We constructed “why words”, because it’s vital for us to recognize it’s not about what we do, it’s about why we do it. 

Our five “why words” at Cherrylake are: sustainable, vision, beauty, life, and community. 

These particular words hold meaning, because, at Cherrylake, we are constantly looking to our vision of the future and generations to come. Many of the trees we plant today will outlive our lives, so the sustainability of our landscapes is of the utmost importance. We recognize ourselves as stewards of the land, and through innovation and the sustainability of our landscapes, we give back to the earth we farm.

The beautiful landscape of Cherrylake not only surrounds us, it motivates us as well. We take pride in enhancing and softening the aesthetics of a property with our trees and plantings. Moreover, the landscapes we build simultaneously create a place where ecosystems can live, grow, and develop into a community. Construction job sites suddenly become alive and breathing once a landscape is installed. We are passionate about using our shrubs, trees, and landscapes to positively impact our community, and everyday, we are inspired and thankful for our community of families, clients, vendors, and partners who work with us and join our purpose. Because of our trees and plantings, we possess the unique ability to act as a catalyst for the creation of communities through our parks, shade, and nature. 

Grove Director, Brian, walks through our Citrus Groves in Vero Beach.

Grove Director, Brian, walks through our Citrus Groves in Vero Beach.

At IMG Citrus, our five “why words” are: commitment, growing, innovation, family, and health. 

These words were chosen for IMG Citrus, because we are grounded in the ownership family’s commitment to agriculture, and we are fueled by the passion our employees have for our work and our industry. IMG Citrus began with our founding family’s vision in the citrus industry. We have remained resilient and committed when faced with obstacles. We continue to grow and expand, not only as a leader in Florida citrus, but also through the diversification of our companies. We understand that in order to be sustainable as a business, we must continuously grow our people, our relationships, our industry, and our knowledge. We are unafraid to question our own practices. Instead of remaining stagnant and accepting the status quo, we re-invent, test, and innovate.

Because families make up our organization, we encourage trial and error. We believe in being honest, supportive, and loyal, and as a family, we also emphasize the safety and well being of our family of employees. The nutritional and healthy lifestyle our fresh citrus promotes ultimately sustains both families and our business. Furthermore, we seek to maintain the healthiest groves while ensuring the sustainability of our land. 

These 10 words may seem like random words to an outsider, but within the organizations, they are much bigger than that. They are the foundation of our company’s culture and purpose. They are why we get up and go to work each morning. They dig to the core of why we do what we do – and they inspire us to keep moving forward.

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