Our Companies

We are a diversified agribusiness made up of three operational entities: Cherrylake, IMG Citrus and Legacy Wilderness Preserve. Each company is unified through their commitment to Florida agribusiness and their common ownership and leadership under IMG Enterprises.
The IMG Enterprises mission statement is as follows: We contribute to the health and quality of life of people, by providing beautiful and functional landscapes, nutritious and great tasting fruit, all produced with respect for the environment.

Founded in 1985, Cherrylake has over 1,800 acres of containerized trees, shrubs and palms in production in addition to being a trusted leader in the Central Florida market in landscape construction and maintenance. As the third largest ornamental tree farm in the Southeast U.S. and one of the fastest growing landscape contractors in the country, Cherrylake is a recognized leader in quality, customer experience and environmental stewardship.

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Located in Indian River County, IMG Citrus operates as one of Florida’s largest distributors of fresh citrus with over 11,000 acres of grapefruit, tangerine and orange groves. IMG Citrus fruit is enjoyed domestically and internationally because of its superior tasting citrus grown with respect of our environment.

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Cherrylake Wilderness Preserve is in the process of permitting to become a 1300 acre Mitigation Bank. The goal of Cherrylake Wilderness Preserve is to restore and enhance the land back to its natural habitat. The land will be protected for eternity through a conservation easement that will be used to offset adverse impacts to existing wetlands, resulting in a net gain of protected land.