Cherrylake 9th Fastest Growing Landscape Company in the US

Cherrylake 9th Fastest Growing Landscape Company in the US

Cherrylake has been named the 9th fastest growing landscape construction and maintenance company in the United States by Landscape Management Magazine. The company was also named the 127th Largest Landscape Contractor and 16th Largest Irrigation and Water Management Company in the United States.

Cherrylake was born out of desperate times, when its sister citrus company suffered devastating freezes in 1985 that wiped out crops and left the company with barren land in central Florida. Cherrylake began to grow containerized ornamental trees in Groveland, and by 2005, the company diversified with the addition of a landscape construction group working on high-profile jobs throughout Central Florida. Ten years later, the company diversified even further with the addition of landscape maintenance.

Connie, Maintenance Account Manager, poses outside of one of Cherrylake’s maintenance projects.

“Maintenance diversifies our risk because it’s somewhat recession proof,” said Cherrylake President Timothee Sallin. “Ornamental trees and construction are tied to the housing market, so if there was ever a slowdown in the housing market, it would affect those two businesses, whereas with maintenance the grass keeps growing no matter what.”

As a fully integrated landscape company, Cherrylake experienced over 30 percent growth from 2017 to 2018, forcing the company to look even deeper into operations and how it could become leaner while tackling challenges such as labor shortages within the industry.

“You can improve what you can measure,” Sallin said, “and in order to measure, you have to have clear goals. You have to have a good sense of what your vision is, what your purpose is, what your strategy is, so you can identify the most important things to measure.”

Cherrylake offers an array of landscape services. It grows ornamental trees, has a landscape construction group and in 2015 branched out into landscape management.

By analyzing such data, Cherrylake was able to evolve new practices, like including hybrid crews and instituting 10-hour work days four days a week for its maintenance crews.

Cherrylake officials say they would not have been able to grow so quickly unless they had a strong foundation. Over the years, the company created a strong workplace, culture and brand within the community. Not only do they put a big focus on recruiting top talent, they also support and invest in current employees through continuing education, leadership training, and wellness initiatives, officials say.