Best Places to Work: With Purpose and Passion

Cherrylake employees gather for a yoga class.

Best Places to Work: With Purpose and Passion

Cherrylake is focused on taking care of its workers, the community and making an impact with “landscapes that will outlive us.”

Cherrylake has been named one of the 2018 Best Places to Work by the Orlando Business Journal. This recent recognition joins the list of Cherrylake’s other accomplishments, including but not limited to winning the Top Employer in Lake County 2017.

Cherrylake is a diverse agribusiness operating in wholesale trees, shrubs and palms, as well as a landscape construction and landscape maintenance for many properties in Central Florida. 

“The growth and success of our company is a by-product of the values our family holds dearly and that guide our day to day actions,” said Timothee Sallin, president and co-owner.

“These values include caring for the land we own with the utmost respect for the environment, and providing meaningful, valuable jobs to our family of employees and the local community.”

The company integrates hiring locally into their recruitment strategy and currently employs over 250 residents of Lake County.

“We believe in work-life integration,” says Chloe Gentry, director of organizational development.

Cherrylake’s employee base is diverse but consistent in many different departments, from field labor to sales representatives. Ornamental plants require year-round labor and have a year-round market, which has helped Cherrylake build up their local staff.

The Best Places to Work Award was determined based on career growth and opportunity as well as availability of employee benefit plans such as 401k, Health Insurance and Life Insurance. In addition, a survey was sent to Cherrylake employees to learn about their experience and satisfaction.

Some of the perks employees highlighted in the survey were strong healthcare benefits, including a Teladoc benefit that provides employees and their families access to certified doctors free of charge. Also on the list are strong compensation packages and a starting wage that is 40 percent above minimum wage.

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